Chair's report

    Earlier this year I was on the beautiful island of South Uist during Holy Week.  After a thirteen hour journey home on Saturday, I had just about recovered in time for 11 o' clock mass the next day.  Perhaps because I had been away, or because I felt slightly detached having been travelling for so long, I saw St. Teresa's in a different light.  It was almost as if I was visiting another parish for the first time and I saw our parish through fresh eyes.

    It was Easter Sunday.  Mass was, as you'd expect, a great celebration, but what struck me was how lively, welcoming and buzzing St. Teresa's felt.  It is easy to take what we have for granted and to be aware of our faults and failings.  Sometimes it's good to look afresh and to appreciate what we have.

    As we move forward in partnership with other churches, we shall benefit from other parishes' experience and expertise, but we can also be confident that we have something to offer.  We have many volunteers who help the parish to run smoothly.  We have, of course, a dedicated priest who has served us prayerfully over the last year.  We have a diverse congregation, with new families and individuals joining the parish, each with something to bring to parish life.  

    As we go forward, I encourage you to look at St. Teresa's anew.  Thank God for all that we have and then, where things can be improved or initiated, get involved so that we can all be part of Christ's body here at St. Teresa's.



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