St Therese of Lisieux and the Little Way.

    Recognize that each day is a gift in which your life can make a difference by the way you choose to live it. Put hope in a future in which God will be all and love will consume your spirit.
    Choose life, not the darkness of pettiness and greed.

    St. Therese knew the difference love makes by allowing love to be the statement she made each day of her life.

    JUNE 2020

    Prayer: Please click HERE for prayer to help yourself and others dealing with anxiety or any mental health issues during this time

    Hints & Tips for managing anxiety and worry
    produced by the diocese in association with The Road Centre

    Supportive conversation: If you are feeling frightened, lonely or would just like a chat please contact Father Shaun (265-5290) and he will organise volunteers to chat and pray with you and for you.

    Supportive action:
    If you require help with shopping or are able to provide help with shopping, please contact Father Shaun.
    Assisting the vulnerable financially through supporting charities including donating goods.
    All of the above is available to all, of any faith or no faith.

    Please share  with neighbours and friends and contact Father Shaun (265-5290) if you need support or can offer support. Please leave your telephone number, address and age (if needing support) and Father Shaun and his team will respond as soon as possible.

    Suggestions for other ways we can support each other and our communities will be welcomed. 

    God bless you all.

    Father Shaun and the team