Welcome to St. Teresa's

A very warm welcome to you if you are new to the Parish,or just visiting ― in person or through our web site.

We hope that you will be very happy at Saint Teresa's and will feel at home in our worship and all the activities that take place

LENT 2018
Lent begins on Ash Wednesday 14th February.

During Lent we will be following the diocesan scripture study/reflection  programme on Monday afternoons at 2pm in the parish room.

'During this Lent, we will reflect on our shared journey and how we help and support each other along the way – and sometimes, how we do not. We will also think about how we might do it better – particularly for those who feel like outsiders or who are unsure of their welcome. We will look at how our Lord did it through the Gospels of  Lent and how he reached out and welcomed all kinds of people – meeting them at the stage of faith they were at and helping them to move on.'

 see our Partnership page for events and services happening across our group of 8 churches during Lent and our Heaton Churches page for lent courses and events around Heaton

Stations of the Cross will be held in church every Sunday at 4pm